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ClipboardMemo is a free program for Clipboard copy, Paste and Push. It can handle multiple clipboards.
ClipboardMemo is intended to work across multiple computers.
ClipboardMemo enables you to Copy, Paste and Push text with one click.
ClipboardMemo also provides a web manager that allows you to copy items to ClipboardMemo from your web browser with one click.

ClipboardMemo uses the user-friendly interface of Windows OS and offers you a lot of options that are hard to find in other clipboard managers.
• A lot of important features are included in the basic edition, such as the ability to add hotkeys (CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+T, CTRL+P), split/merge items (copy/paste from another application), keystrokes to open or close the windows, language and keyboard preferences, and so on.

Key features:
– Copy items from one application to clipboard
– Paste items from one application to clipboard
– Push items to an application (from clipboard to an application)
– Split items between applications
– Merge items between applications
– Save items as text files
– Browser integration
– Hotkeys
– Supports multiple clipboards
– Advanced synchronization across multiple computers
– Web manager for clipboard content

How to use:

1. Click on the Start button and then Run.
2. Type ClipboardMemo and press Enter.
3. Click on the Copy button to copy items from one application to the clipboard.
4. Click on the Paste button to paste items from the clipboard into one application.
5. Click on the Push button to push items from the clipboard to one application.
6. Click on the Close button to exit ClipboardMemo.
7. To open the web manager, click on the options button (on the top left corner) and select Open Web Manager.
8. Then select one or more items from the list and click on the Copy to Clipboard or Paste to Clipboard buttons to copy or paste those items into the current browser.
9. A pop-up window will be displayed informing you that the clipboard is changed and that any changes made in the list will be reflected into the actual browser.
10. The text will be added to your clipboard and is ready to be pasted into the browser using the Paste button.
11. You can select any option from the

ClipboardMemo 1.5.1 Torrent Download [Win/Mac]

KEYMACRO is a program that allows you to save and retrieve macros in your computer’s registry.
Keyboard macros are essentially one-step operations that you can set up to perform a particular set of actions, with the hope that you can save a lot of time and pain by triggering them by just pressing a few keys.
With the help of KeyMacro, you can save key macros that you’d like to use over and over again, and then recall them by pressing a button or by executing them in any given moment.
The program has a neat and quite intuitive interface, but you can actually use the command prompt of your system (from which you’d be able to edit the registry directly) if you’d like to go into a bit more depth.
Supported OS
This software is available for Windows and Mac, but it has not been tested on Linux systems.
Where to buy
The program is available on this page.
Mac Platform
iPad: $2.99
iPhone: $1.99

AutoHotkey is a powerful tool to automate repetitive keyboard tasks such as for example entering a lot of usernames into your web browser, or copying a couple of lines of text and pasting them into your word processor, from where you can move on to the next thing.
Using AutoHotkey is a little bit similar to using VBA for Windows, although it’s much more powerful and less complicated.
However, if you are used to Microsoft-oriented programming, then you might be wondering how can this be possible when you’re basically working with text, and there’s no way to access a lot of information regarding the process you’re trying to automate.
This is because of the so-called hotstrings, which are short snippets of text that we can insert into our document by using the shortcut keys for the letters.
In other words, hotstrings are called hotkeys because their name includes the word “key”, and we can literally press the corresponding key to trigger them.
Hotstrings work just like regular text, so they can be typed in the same way, but they can be used to type commands that can either send data to the clipboard or open a program or some other action.
As mentioned before, Hotkeys in the standard keyboard are represented by some common letters, but if you’d like to expand the range of possible actions, you can use the special

ClipboardMemo 1.5.1 License Code & Keygen Free Download [Latest] 2022

ClipboardMemo is a simple and user-friendly program that makes it easy to copy and move data between various application windows. It supports up to 64 clipboard items, copying to and from multiple windows, and saves clipboard history. It is suitable for both Windows and Linux.

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What’s New in the?

ClipboardMemo is an app that specializes in managing the items that are previously copied by other applications. What this means is that the items are stored on the user’s clipboard.
Once you copy one of the items, it will be stored on your clipboard. For example, you have copied a website address into your web browser’s address bar and then pasted it into a text document. The copy that was done to your clipboard will be there.
This can be used as a simple way to save/load information from the clipboard.
○ Simply open the app and start using the database that stores all the items that are stored in the clipboard.
○ If you want to add a new item that is stored on the clipboard, first click the Add DB button at the top of the database.
○ Use the keystrokes Ctrl+I, and then type the information into the editor. Then click the Add Database button at the bottom of the window.
○ Copy any information from the clipboard into the database.
○ The items are automatically saved to the database when you close the database or the application.
○ You can clear all the items stored on the clipboard by clicking the Clear Database button.
○ The items can be filtered by entering search terms. You can also select items based on the item’s name and store it in a separate database.
○ The item can be removed from the database by clicking the X button to the right of it.
○ The history of the items can be cleared by clicking the Clear History button.
○ The clipboard can be paused by clicking the Pause button.
○ The clipboard can be resumed by clicking the Resume button.
○ Use the following keystrokes to interact with the clipboard:
I – Add a new database.
CTRL+I – Add an item to an existing database.
DEL – Clear an item from the clipboard.
UP – Scroll up.
DOWN – Scroll down.
[HOME] – Returns to the root.
▶ : Go to the next item.
▶ : Go to the previous item.
○ Use the following keystrokes to interact with a database:
CTRL+[Home] – Go to the root of the database.
▶ : Go to the next item.
▶ : Go to the previous item.
○ Use the following keystrokes to interact with a database’s file:
CTRL+F – The file will be opened.
▶ : If an item in the file has been selected, the item will be copied.
▶ : If the file has not been opened, the item will be moved to the database.
▶ : The file will be closed.
○ Use the following keystrokes to interact with an item in the database:
[HOME] – The item

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (64-bit)
CPU: 2.66 GHz Dual Core Processor or higher
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
Graphics Card: DirectX9 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: Compatible with Windows 7
Additional Notes:
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 8


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