HACK Positive Grid BIAS AMP 2 R2R (PC)

The Search tab has been enhanced for Super Drummer 3, which enables you to not only browse on your songs, but also audition for new grooves as well. You can learn and even share ideas with other users of Positive Feedback by working together in the common program.

This software will play all major drum synthesizers and samplers with the same efficiency and response. It supports audio and MIDI data, which is great for using real drum parts in your clips. Its modes include Reel, Beat, Groove, Swell, General, AND Tempo. You can edit on-the-fly in all tracks simultaneously or apply the patch only to the first track. You can even add Cues to drums with randomized crossfades. Using the Timbre Shifter, you can switch between 12-bit and 24-bit instruments with no quality loss.

It has a powerful wave shaping engine that can be used to change the sound through a variety of parameters including resonance, mix, and filtering. For the Remix tracks, you have full control over all parameters including the LFO and Ramp. For more detailed control, the Arpeggiator provides 12 melodic modes, each with added trigger knobs to automate patterns. You can also record the results to a new sequence, edit the notes, and finally export the sequence.

Slim is a part of the positive ensemble. It has a high output and is very versatile showing a wide variety of percussion sounds. The improved Level control can be used to tame a harsh sound and avoid clipping. To switch modes, use the Shift button. You can even regulate the output level with the Level knob, which is great for TV and radio vocals. It can be used for percussion and all instruments, which gives you the most precise control over the playing dynamics by being able to raise or lower the threshold.

The Deluxe version of BiasFX packs a lot of tools in its toolchest. It features two high-sensitivity MIDI ports, a ton of reverb models, Dr. Octave enhancers, a powerful compression model, a fun arpeggiator, an extensive effects process for guitar, a workflow manager, a MIDI editor, and much, much more. As other users have stated, this version is meant to be used on computer audio, so if you are looking to run their toolset on just about any other platform this may not be for you and you should simply look for the Android version.





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