Kung Fu Jet Li Swordsman 3 1993 Rmvb


Kung Fu Jet Li Swordsman 3 1993 Rmvb

for the most part, the animation is similar. the animation is a little soft, and not as precise in its movements, and it also looks more ugly than the original. perhaps this justification for me to like it so much. it might also be my age, and i dont really know, but it mostly looks like a warm-up calisthenics sequence, and not as finessed as the originals. the fight scenes are just as great, if not better. the camera stays mostly static, and pans slowly from siding to side. this was a huge change from the originals, as the camera did plenty of the fighting. and like the originals, this is probably one of the best martial arts movies ever made. 6f0e1575f3

the cantonese version comes highly recommended to those of you interested in Chinese martial arts. i hope y of the fresh air movies are getting renewed. thank you for making all of my love for chinese movies stronger. 3e9c5e39d0

the plot of this was very basic and boring. like the original, it involves revenge against one of ryu’s students. this one is very similar to the original, except it doesnt seem to have any sort of style to it. the plot is basically that the character lou has something that is very hard to get, and rival ryu must get it so he can gain fame and fortune.

I think the first time I saw Jet Li in action in this movie was the fight between Jet Lite (for lack of a better term) and the nameless thug who has a spray can of sarin. And while the choreography in this movie is great, it doesn’t always completely fit the style of the film. That’s probably my only real criticism of this movie. It’s a movie that really looks best on one of those gigantic big screen TV images on the top of a sleek cinema and not on my little laptop that probably shouldn’t have been playing all these Kung Fu movies anyway. However, despite it’s flaws, it’s still awesome and he most definitely holds his own as the masked man. yeah, that’s his usual look, but he’s pretty good. the one with the rocket launcher is also awesome. By the way, I’ve watched this film a gazillion times in my life, but if I ever go back to watching it, I’ll be watching it with my headphones on. MHRO. (guil)





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