Although he normally wears a butler outfit, Hayate has had a chance to don the feminine equivalent… and we want he’d stayed in it for the the rest of the season. First is the ‘override’ version, which adjustments the game’s maid uniform and even provides pantyhose stockings.

They turn into Ninja Maids in Melty Blood, supposedly due to the Reality Warper impact of the Big Bad. In the goofier parts of the game Kohaku even build multiple Robot Maid variations of Hisui. Mech-Hisui also makes an appearance in Battle Moon Wars, a fan-made Nasuverse crossover game. While Hisui wears a typical maid outfit, however, Kohaku wears the extra conventional outfit of a Japanese maid.

Amusingly sufficient, as an alternative of getting an in depth portrait, this character has a drawing of a cat and the phrases “No sexy maid pic for you!”. Ayanokouji Yaito of Rockman.EXE has, in the anime, a private military of twenty-odd maids in full French maid regalia, all engaging and with various hairstyles. In any later episode featuring her, the viewer is often treated to a montage of various maids concerning the town doing no matter task she’s set them. Maoyu has a maid serving Maou, titled Head Maid, who wants to good meidodo, who thinks preventing for one’s master and leading an army to victory is a should for a maid. She’s one of many demons from the library clan, and possibly has read an extreme amount of manga. Mikuru, the Moe-blob from Haruhi Suzumiya, is picked by Haruhi because the SOS Brigade’s maid. In the episode “Live Alive”, Tsuruya-san and a few different school ladies are dressed as maids and serve noodles and tap water for the Arts Festival.

Pokémon has a Maid Cafe episode, that includes each Dawn◊ and Ash donning french maid outfits. In Pokémon Adventures, Latias disguises herself as a maid to help out Emerald in the Battle Pyramid. Later on she disguises herself as a news reporter, bnha uniforms then a nurse.

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