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    We supply graphite electrodes of reasonable price and high quality and are especially expert at producing UHP Grade Carbon Graphite Electrodes and HP Graphite Electrodes for EAF and LF. Our hot sale graphite electrodes are with high bulk density, low specific electrical resistivity, low specific consumption and a high content of needle coke.
    Our graphite electrodes on sale have successfully completed the certification for ISO9001:2000 quality system, ISO 14001:2004 environment system and GB/T28001:2001 safety system. In addition to this, certifications have been given for BV, SGS and Asia Inspection.
    We offer carbon GEs to steel mills in Italy, South Africa, Chile, South Korea, Viet Nam and Romania since 2010.
    RP carbon graphite electrode:
    Bulk Density≥ 1.56g/cm3
    Specific Resistivity≤ 8.5μm
    Bending Strength≥ 10.0MPa
    Elastic Modulus≤ 9.3GPa
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.7×10 -6/°C
    Ash≤ 0.5%
    Bulk Density≥ 1.68g/cm3
    Specific Resistivity≤ 7.0μm
    Bending Strength≥ 14.0MPa
    Elastic Modulus≤ 13.7GPa
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.5 x10 -6/°C
    Ash≤ 0.5%
    HP carbon graphite electrode:
    Bulk Density≥ 1.65g/cm3
    Specific Resistivity≤ 6.5μm
    Bending Strength≥ 12.0MPa
    Elastic Modulus≤ 10.0GPa
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.2×10 -6/°C
    Ash≤ 0.3%
    Bulk Density≥ 1.74g/cm3
    Specific Resistivity≤ 5.5μm
    Bending Strength≥ 16.0MPa
    Elastic Modulus≤ 14.0GPa
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient≤ 2.0 x10 -6/°C
    Ash≤ 0.3%RP Graphite Electrode in stock