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    Our EPDM rubber balls are seamless to remove parting lines for a superior sealing surface.
    XLONG SEAL offers industry grade of rubber ball seals.
    Ethylene propylene rubber is an elastomer prepared from ethylene and propylene monomers (ethylene propylene copolymer) and at times with an amount of a third (diene) monomer (ethylene propylene diene terpolymers). Ethylene propylene rubber has a temperature range of -50掳C to +120掳/150掳C (-60掳F to +250掳/300掳F), depending on the curing system. Special grades can even see higher temperatures.
    Range of compounds
    NBR (Nitrile)
    Range of Hardness by shore A
    50 Shore A
    60 Shore A
    70 Shore A
    80 Shore A
    90 Shore A
    Range of cross sections
    From 3.27mm to 50.0mm.
    Please download the data sheet to check the tolerances.
    Range of colors available
    Other hardnesses, sizes and colors are available upon request.
    For more information on XLONG seals, call or email XLONG today.EPDM Rubber Ball