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    鈻?Our History
    Kunshan latech precision electronics technology Co.,Ltd Established in 2010 in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, is a company specializing in the manufacture of high precision laser cutting machines,we have an excellent technical team锛寃hich has many years of experience in laser application.Our software is self-developed, to ensure we can provide world-class products and services!锛乀he main representative models machine are: SMT laser template cutting machine, gantry template cutting machine, LDS laser equipment.
    The company implements the principle of customer first,Advance with the times and actively innovate.The customer’s request always the first,Constantly innovate to adapt to the market,Make sure that every customer who chooses us always enjoys world-class laser application services.
    Our equipment has a wide range of processing and manufacturing .Can high-precision cutting for stainless steel, silicon steel sheets, silicon steel sheets, titanium alloys, copper, aluminum, ceramics, etc. Also precision machining materials commonly used in too.Greatly ensure our customers have strong resilience and competitiveness in the market for a long time.
    鈻?nbsp;Our Factory
    Kunshan latech precision electronics technology Co.,Ltd Established in 2010 in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province and Branch office Dongguan LATECH Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is Established in 2010 in Dongguan City,Guangdong province.
    We specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of laser equipment, and provides various solutions for laser processing applications and laser welding and also outstanding achievements in the field of steel sheet processing. We also has a variety of sophisticated platforms with mature technology and to help customers complete automation transformation and upgrade.
    With our strong technology as the core, we have maintained our technological innovations through years of experience in the laser industry to ensure that our technology and services remain at the forefront of the industry.
    The company’s aim is always: quality and service are equally important.
    The professional team has been research for many years, with stable and reliable operation and high software compatibility.The 24-hour standby service is still the most reliable guarantee for the customer, ensuring that you can solve it in time without any doubt, without affecting production efficiency.
    鈻?nbsp;Our Product
    Latech marking machinecutting machinehigh power laser cutting machine
    Latech Nano-coating machine1
    Cleaning machine
    Latech SMT laser template machine
    medium power laser cutting machine
    SMT Gantry Laser template machine
    welding machine
    鈻?nbsp;Product Application
    Our products are used in a wide range of applications, from ordinary household cutting and welding to precision parts and aerospace machining parts. Steel sheet cleaning technology is widely used in the steel sheet precision processing industry, as well as various types of welding and vacuum. Machines such as nano-coatings are very practical in various industries. Moreover, our machine maximizes the processing speed of the machine under the condition of ensuring the precision of the processed product. At the same time, it also introduces a small model, which can be easily applied to various occasions to ensure the product and customer’s ability to adapt to the market.
    鈻?nbsp;Our Certificate
    If you ask what the maximum protection of a device is, it must be the machine’s control software and machine innovation. LATECH attaches great importance to these two links, keeping the machine adaptable and competitive, and ensuring that customers are always in the winner’s position.
    LATECH has its own cutting software name SmartCut which we has its independent intellectual property rights. It can directly identification LMD, CNC and other files to cutting.Provide stable and efficient solutions and compatible with third-party devices data format for CircuitCam and CAM350 users. No need to specially transfer, which reduces leakage and wrong holes due to software data incompatible. Greatly avoid unnecessary losses for the customer.
    The smartcut software is not only practical but also easy to understand. The operator only needs simple training and several exercises to master the skills, which greatly helps the customer to save the expenses of hiring operators.
    鈥淪mart cut鈥漣s the most powerful backup support for the machine.
    Our machines have also received various patents and are constantly updated to keep up with the pace of efficiency and innovation in the 21st century. After many speed increases, the machine’s production efficiency has already led the industry under the premise of ensuring quality.
    鈻?nbsp;Our Service
    LATECH attaches great importance to the customer’s experience. From the customer’s pre-training, to the irregular visits during the use period and after-sales maintenance, we have extremely high requirements for ourselves. Over the years, we have cultivated a globalized The professional team is dedicated to solving the doubts of various machines and escorting the machine. Our entire team is divided into three different sections: pre-sales training, after-sales maintenance, and daily return visits.
    We have a clear division of labor, always be vigilant, take every problem that our customers feedback, and solve problems for our customers and win trust for ourselves.
    We have a perfect after-sales system and the most powerful after-sales team support, 24 hours a day to help customers solve their worries and escort the machine.
    Always adhere to the principle of customer first, the customer’s request is always in the first place.Worldwide service Screw Laser Cutting Machine