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    鈼廙odular DIY design, any size can be done with cabinet or led module.
    鈼廢ltra-light: weighs only 14kg/sqm, single easy to carry
    鈼廠lim: transparent screen display part of the thickness of only 38mm, ultra-thin, simple
    鈼廋ompatible with: New structural design to meet the lifting, stand-up requirements to meet the indoor and semi-outdoor use requirements
    鈼廎ast: the cabinet use fast locking structure, only need 1 minute to complete the installation of a 1sqm, the installation of high precision
    鈼廟eliable: stable and reliable screen, cooling effect is good
    LED advertising transparent wall can be used for advertising, stage backdrop, the meeting, events, concerts, live show, shopping mall, entertainment, video screen. decoration on the glass wall, building, bridge, or in humanities landscape, tourist attractions, bars, KTV, the Urban lighting, building lighting, residential lighting, curtain wall, etc.
    Wooden case, flight case and carton case
    Pixel pitch2.5脳7.8mm3.08脳7.8mm3.9脳7.8mm7.9脳7.8mm5.2脳10.4mm10.4脳10.4mm
    Module size500脳125mm500脳125mm500脳125mm500脳125mm500脳125mm500脳125mm
    Cabinet size1000脳500mm1000脳500mm1000脳500mm1000脳500mm1000脳500mm1000脳500mm
    Refresh rate1920HZ1920HZ1920HZ1920HZ1920HZ1920HZ
    Horizontal viewing angle160掳160掳160掳160掳160掳160掳
    Best viewing distance2.5m-50m3m-50m4m-50m8m-50m5m-50m10m-50m
    Max power consumption/銕?/p>800w800w800w800w800w800w
    Average power consumption/銕?/p>240W240W240W240W240W240W
    Color of cabinetBlack / Silver
    Material of cabinetAluminum
    Input voltageAC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220VAC 110-220V
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