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    Qtech-113 new and old polyurea interlaminar adhesives are independently developed by Qingdao Shamu International Trade Co., Ltd. and applied for China National Invention Patent No. 200910020530.1. It is a two-component material consisting of resin A and curing agent B. It can integrate the new and old polyurea layers and the new polyurea layers with the old waterproof layers.

    Performance characteristics:
    AB two components, easy to operate;
    The construction of the top face of the elevation is not suspended.
    The curing speed is fast and the interlaminar adhesion is strong.
    Excellent physical properties, can withstand the erosion of most chemical media;
    It has a wide range of applications.

    Scope of application:
    Qtech-113 new and old polyurea interlaminar adhesives have very wide temperature and humidity application areas, and also exhibit excellent physical and chemical properties in harsh environments. It can be widely used in the adhesion between new and old polyurea or between polyurea and old waterproofing layer, as well as in building adhesives.China Dampening Product