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    Quick Details
    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Sanlian Shelf
    Model Number: SL10057
    Type: Drive-in racking
    Scale: warehouse beam shelf heavy duty shelving
    Capacity: 1000-4000kg per level
    Upright size: 80*60/90*70/100*70/120*90-2.0/2.5/3.0mm
    Beam size: 60/ 80/100/120/140/160*50-1.5mm
    Material: Steel Q235
    Loading Capacity: 500-4000kgs
    Color: blue/orange/white/green/black
    Surface treatment: Spray
    Feature: space saving , safety, large capacity
    Certificate: ISO/CE/TUV/SGS
    Use: Industrial Warehouse Storage;Warehouse Logistics
    Product Description
    The storage type shelf and the through-type shelf are all multi-door type and the tray unitized goods are connected in the depth direction one by one in the form of a shelf structure stored on the cantilever beam. The structure of the mold frame can share the working channel of the forklift and the storage space of the goods, which greatly improves the space and space utilization of the warehouse, but the goods in the same working channel cannot be first-in-first-out, suitable for large quantities and small varieties. Or the goods in the working channel flow to the same customer’s goods storage, such as beverages, dairy products, tobacco, low-temperature frozen storage, standard-sized home appliances, chemicals, clothing and other industries. According to statistics, the entrance-type shelves can achieve the maximum storage density, the space effective utilization can be increased to up to 90%, and the site area utilization can reach more than 60%!
    The advantages of through shelves are:
    1. The cargo storage channel is also a forklift storage and transportation channel, which is a form of shelf with high storage density.
    2. It is usually used for the storage of goods with a small variety but large batch size and low requirements for the selection of goods.
    3. With the lifting height of ordinary forklifts and the conventional scheme of three-storey cargo shelves, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100%. In contrast, the investment cost is controlled and the benefits are significantly improved. From the global storage cost calculation, generally increasing the storage capacity benefit within three years can offset the investment cost.
    4. The goods follow the principle of advanced and backward output, and are suitable for most transportation machinery storage and transportation operations.
    Drive-in and drive-through rack is ideal for storing large quantities of homogeneous products, products with long life spans, and products that require large, one-time moves.
    Product picture:
    Q: Are samples available?
    A: Yes, samples are available at any time. We charge some sample cost and will return it during the next order.
    Q: How about your quality?
    A: All of the steel are best cold rolled steel (Q235), much firmer and stronger bearing capacity.
    Manufacturing process : Raw material-Cuting -Correction-Welding-Pre-processing-Surface spray-Check-Package-Finished product–To Customer.
    All products are corrosion-resistant and durable .
    Q: How could I install the racks?
    A: We provide detailed install instruction for every type of shelf. If needed,we can also ask engineers to teach you for free.
    Q: What is the term of payment?
    A: As general, 30% T/T down payment and balance before shipping or L/CDrive In Shelf