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    Sodium Pyruvate【The Enterprise Standard】
    Molecular formula:C3H3NaO3
    Molecular weight: 110.04
    Structural formula:
    Sodium pyruvate is the most common pyruvate, which is a class of endogenous small molecules. Sodium pyruvate and pyruvic acid are naturally present, and participate in the metabolism of the body tissues and organs. Sodium pyruvate is widely used as a buffer, excipient and antioxidant in medical, diagnostic reagents and medical devices.
    Determination of lactate dehydrogenase substrate, liver function test Valley – alanine aminotransferase activity determination; is also a good fitness diet dietary supplements; widely used in food, cosmetics. Sodium pyruvate has a broad development prospect in clinical application. At present, most of the research on sodium pyruvate is still in animal experiment and in vitro experimental stage. The products currently listed are:
    1 Rejuvesol Red Blood Cell Processing Solution, mainly used for rejuvenation of red blood cells in vitro, is a long-term preservation of low-temperature blood necessary preparations, every 50ML red blood cell processing solution containing 0.550g sodium pyruvate.
    2. Embryo transfer solution for in vitro reproductive technology in the embryo transfer culture, the main components of alanine, alanyl glutamine, sodium pyruvate and so on.
    3. “Nasal sensitive Ling” antibacterial nasal spray device for all kinds of acute and chronic rhinitis nasal washing, the main liquid components of sodium chloride, sodium pyruvate, polyhexamethylene biguanide.wholesale Food Additives