replica audemars piguet Swiss manufacturer Audemars Piguet presented its new collection of Millennium Timepieces, which was unveiled during the Dubai Watch Week. The latest collection of Millennium ladies was founded in 1995 and launched in 2015. Inspired by contemporary design, architecture and art, the Millennium has been imagining from the inside out, always exposing its different levels until the heart of the watch. The new Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph also features a new dial, a true contemporary architecture that demonstrates the bold approach that Aegis has always tried to convey through aesthetics. Since 2018, a new ‘`second skin” metal bracelet has been added to the white and rose gold case launched in 2015. The case and dial remain unchanged; however, the Polish finishing of the bracelet completely changes the appearance of the watch, giving it a retro look that matches the oval shape of the case and the Roman numerals on the dial.

Polish best swiss replica watches bracelets are the result of rolling a line around a wire. Then point the line to the right and then to the left to create a regular alternation, and on the Milanese bracelet, all the wires pass in the same direction. Since each bracelet is handmade, Polish finishing brings new challenges to the production process.

In addition to the metal bracelet, the Millennium series has also added a new version, with an opal dial, which was first introduced in the Millennium Timepiece. It also introduces the matte gold finish technology, which is the matte gold finish technology used by Audemars Piguet in the Royal Oak series to date, and was developed in collaboration with Florentine jewelry designer Carolina Bucci. The main feature of the matte gold is its sparkling flash, which in turn comes from the surface treatment process derived from the ancient gold “hammering” technique (also known as the Florentine technique).


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