Super Mario 64 Character Mods

Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64CharacterMods Super Mario 64 is a 1985 side-scrolling platformer developed by Nintendo and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). A follow-up to the successful Super Mario Bros. feature film, the game was a direct sequel, featuring the same main characters, and a new set of musical themes. The story begins eight years after the end of the first game, with Bowser having captured the Princess, while Mario and his faithful companion Koopa Troopa took refuge with the plumber Toadstool. Mario has set out with his trusty sidekick on a new quest to rescue the Princess. An additional feature of the game is the ability to play the game in “3D”. The game features four courses, which are linked in a “Sky” title. Story After returning from the Mushroom World, Mario and his friends set off to save the Princess from the clutches of Bowser. In a move which puts him in a vulnerable position, Mario is kidnapped by the villain, and taken to a space station. Bowser prepares to destroy the station. Mario is put on a platform and blasted back to Earth. The game later picks up eight years after the defeat of Bowser in the original game. The Princess has been captured by the villain, Bowser, and Mario and his former sidekick, Koopa Troopa, take refuge in a chamber of the space station. Mario, Koopa, and Toad must work their way out of the station and back to the princess. Gameplay The game involves Mario in jumping on platforms and defeating enemies while avoiding obstacles. The gameplay, with its side-scrolling nature, follows the pattern of earlier Mario games. Mario can float in the air by performing a spin jump (similar to the “air bullet” move seen in Super Mario Bros.), as well as bounce off crates and springs. Mario can hit enemy Goombas by running into them, and can pick up fireballs by hitting them with a fire flower. As in the original game, Mario’s abilities are limited to running, jumping, and grabbing. Bowser, with his “King Koopa” hat, may also be knocked back by Mario’s punches; however, this move does not put Bowser at any kind of disadvantage. Mario’s basic platforming skills also apply to the three-dimensional environment of Super Mario 64. Mario can jump into platforms and crates and bounce up and down ramps and ledges. However, he



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