Guide: How to Make Money Through Blogging

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A Guide on How To Make Money from Blogging

Making money from your blog might require you to run ads and explore affiliate marketing or take another option.

by Laura McMullen Assistant Assigning Editor Financial, personal finance information Laura McMullen assigns and edits the financial news content. Laura was previously the senior writer for NerdWallet and wrote about the process of saving, budgeting and making money; she has also written for the “Millennial Money” column in The Associated Press. Prior to joining NerdWallet in 2015, Laura worked for U.S. News & World Report which is where she created and edited articles on careers, wellness and education as well as contributed to the rankings of the company. Before working at U.S. News & World Report, Laura interned at Vice Media and studied journalism as well as history and Arabic at Ohio University. Laura lives in Washington, D.C.

Dec 14, 2021

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You’ll need been a businessman prior to blog. It is possible that you will require selling advertisements, promote products as well as write your own ebook. We’ll help you choose the most effective strategies for you.

Four ways to earn money blogging

If your blog gets good traffic, you should consider one of these strategies. If your audience is small, the first two are probably a better fit. In any case, using more than one money-making method will increase your opportunities to earn cash.

1. Advertising on display

You’ve no doubt seen digital advertisements for mobile smartphones, credit cards, and other items on sites you’ve visited. Companies can offer to place advertisements on your blog also, via a program such as Google Adsense. You decide which kinds of ads to run and the locations on your blog they’ll be and get paid when a reader clicks them.

Calculating your earnings potential is tough, but this detailed guide to can help. This is the basic concept: Say your site receives 2,800 views in one month and 1.5 percent of users are able to click on an ad in a display — that’s 42 clicks. If the advertiser is willing to pay $75 cents for each click that’s a paycheck of around $30.

“For a new blogger, seeing the money of $30 or $50 could be all the motivation they need to keep their blog going and eventually reach the higher pay-outs,” says Joseph Hogue who is the author of “Make Money Blogging.”

How much can you make from blogging? Here’s what Google says

Google is the king of content. Your content, which is. Google determines whether potential readers can find your content via a search. Google then pays you to place advertisements within your site.

However, Google is also aware of the amount of money you earn, based on the website’s traffic. The whole thing is revealed in an .

These are some instances of how much Google considers you likely to make annually from advertising for blogs located in North America with 50,000 monthly page views based on the below content categories:

Sports: $2,538.

Entertainment and arts Entertainment and arts: $3,372.

Autos and vehicles 5 520 dollars.

Beauty and fitness: $7,806.

Shopping: $8,400.

Travel: $8,460.

Food and drink The cost is $8,598.

Finance: $19,278.

Of course, the larger your audience, the more revenue you earn.

2. Repurposed blog posts

You’re already creating content Why not make it available to distribute it in a different format? Transform your blog’s posts into chapters of an e-book, that you can then offer on Amazon.

Self-publishing won’t necessarily make you rich however “it’s an excellent source of an income that is passive” Hogue says. This means that you’ll likely disappear from the content once you’ve finished compiling it and submitting it to Amazon. You can pay now and then.

Plus, you already have the ideal marketing platform, complete with a relevant readers — your blog. Hogue advertises his e-books about investing and passive income on his personal finance blog, PeerFinance101.

Or, if your content can translate to video, then you can look into .

3. Marketing through affiliates

If you often mention products on your blog, look into affiliate marketing. Let’s say you have an online blog that is about smoothies: You can link to an exact blender on Amazon in one of your posts, and if a reader clicks on the link and buys this blender you’ll be paid an amount of commission.

Hogue says a one-time purchase can bring anywhere from a couple dollars to hundreds in your pocket. To find advertisers and products for your site, join an affiliate network like ShareASale, CJ Affiliate,, Rakuten Marketing or .

Affiliate marketing is a serious source of income for many bloggers. In 2017 Hogue earned roughly $2,000 per month through two of his blogs. He has heard of other bloggers who use it to make the tens of thousands of dollars per month.

This technique is best suited for blogs that receive an abundance of traffic. The more people who read the blog, the more likely that an individual will view the blog post then click the link and buy the product.

>> MORE:

4. Content sponsored by sponsors

Through this method, businesses pay you a flat cost to write a blog post on their product. For instance you or a blender company would create a post on your website about a particular blender which could include a link to a website on which readers can purchase the blender.

Sponsored content offers might be difficult to find when your blog isn’t receiving significant visitors. But if you get the opportunity, Hogue says even authors of blogs with low traffic should request for at least $100. If you need to to write the content yourself. You can request some hundred dollars per post when your blog is gaining an increased number of readers.

There are opportunities through ad networks, or by contact with potential sponsors. You may also get unsolicited emails that offer cash in exchange for a sponsored post.

This strategy isn’t suitable an option for every person. Some bloggers feel uncomfortable promoting a product for money since it can make them feel as if “they’re basically a shill for a corporate sponsor” Hogue says. He recommends only promoting products you’ve tried and would actually recommend. The products should be relevant, too and there shouldn’t be any gushing about a carpet cleaning product on your smoothie blogexcept if you’re at risk of spilling your drink.

The secret to earning money blogging is to make

Whichever method you decide to use, earning money from blogging requires patience. You won’t be able to make the big bucks until your blog receives significant traffic and appears at the top of Google results. And it takes time. It is also important to be a student of the blogging business. Hogue reads “blogs about blogging” as well as sites that dig into search engine optimization.

With all the commitment that is required to make money through your website, it’s best to choose a subject you’re passionate about. “You’re going to be talking a lot about it and, sometimes, it’s your sole reason for doing it.” Hogue says


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