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User Manual Book Mainboard Enpc E47

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The Monument to Glory of Russian Union () is a monument in Yekaterinburg, Russia, dedicated to those who died in the Ural Soviet. It is located in the Government House Square at 19 Sadovaya Street, in the former location of the Central House of the Communist Party.

The monument has two gilded pedestals, each high. One pedestal is located on the east side of the government house, the other on the west. The pedestals are about wide and deep. They are covered with red and gray marble. Two bronze statues stand on the pedestals, one depicts Vladimir Lenin, the other Dmitry Machnev, the People’s Commissar for Construction.

The monument was originally part of the estate of German-born merchant Heinrich Trevir, who owned most of the land in the city around 1905, when it was handed to the Cheka. At the time, it was formally named Lenin Square, and a red column high with bronze statues of Lenin and other communist leaders were placed on the square.


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