In response to the 1L bottle you mentioned beneath, we’ve the following 4 models of extrusion blow molding machines:

1.Single stage and Single die head (Its manufacturing capability approx. 300BPH) blow molding machine prices 7,500$; together with other

Ancillary tools cost $10,500

2.Twin phases and Single die head (Its manufacturing capability approx. 500BPH) blow molding machine cost 10,500$; including other

Ancillary tools price $13,500

3. Twin stages and Double die head (Its production capability approx.1000BPH) blow molding machine costs 13,500$; including other

Ancillary tools price $16,500

4. Rotary stage and four cavs. (Its manufacturing capacity is about 1200BPH) The blow molding machine value $14,500; together with its

Ancillary gear value $17,500

4 extrusion molding machine manufacturing lines.

According to the 5L jug you talked about below, we now have the next 2 models of extrusion blow molding machines:

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