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When Jesus Christ, the alleged Son of God, was on Earth and was crucified, His body, in His resurrection, was transformed into bodily bones. Only in the 3rd century, when a monk called St. Eutychius thought he was seeing a saint come to life, did bones become a Christian belief.

Fast forward three and half thousand years. Last week’s rumor—that President Obama’s bones were brought back to the White House last fall—was all too convincing. Almost as convincing as the equally laughable story of the “good and great” Dick Cheney being frozen in the ice of Cheneyville. So here’s where we are.

Last week, the Huffington Post reported that Charles J. Peña, Jr., the head of the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, talked to the R.E. Lee Space Museum about bringing back the bones of former President George W. Bush, once removed from the National Cathedral in Washington, to be reinterred at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, according to Politico’s John Bresnahan.

“The public wants a proper burial for a former president,” Peña reportedly said. “It’s best to do it here, because he’s a former president, and he wanted to be buried at the Space and Rocket Center anyway.”

Whether or not it was real or concocted, the conspiracy, the story has sparked a conversation about our dead presidents, their process of dying, and the role of the state in maintaining their physical remains.

The bromance between President and First Lady is more intimate than previously known as Jacqueline Kennedy married John F. Kennedy