Orcopampa In Line With Guidance

In fourth-quarter 2022, gold production at Orcopampa was 17,535 ounces, down 9.4% from the 2021 level. Full-year gold production at the mine improved 48.9% how to open locks 74,478 ounces. The reported figure came in line with Buenaventura’s revised 2022 guidance.

BVN sold 17,514 ounces of gold in the December-end quarter and 74,354 ounces in the year.

In 2023, gold production is projected to exceed the prior-year production on an anticipated increase in annual throughput.

Coimolache Output In Line With Guidance

Fourth-quarter gold production at Coimolache decreased 13.9% to 21,067 ounces. In 2022, the company produced 82,408 ounces of gold, down 25.4% from 2021. However, the figure came in line with the company’s revised guidance.

In the three months ended Dec 31, 2022, BVN sold 23,442 ounces of gold. In 2022, gold volume sold from mining at Coimolache totaled 86,010 ounces.