These edgy little cruisers were first available only in the California market; following a staggered rollout, Scion vehicles became available nationwide. The initial Scions, the xA and xB models, were introduced for the 2004 model year. When Toyota realized early in the 21st century that it was losing market share in younger demographic as a result of stodgy image, the organization took an opportunity and decided to spin off a new brand called Scion (its name means “descendant” or “heir to”).

It marries a 163 hp 2.0 HDi diesel engine with a 37 hp (28 kW) electric motor installed on a corner axle and sends the ability to any or all four wheels as it is needed. Buyers can decide between turbocharged petrol, two diesel engines, and PSA’s diesel-electric Hybrid4. It can be worth noting that the DS5 is the first Citroën with a cross drivetrain and the initial production car with a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain. Depending on trim level, this powertrain emits 99g/km or 107g/km CO2, and the automobile can drive on electricity alone if the battery is sufficiently charged.

While Peugeot and Citroën’s products have had common platforms and core components since the past decades of the twentieth century, the DS5 became the very first Citroën-branded car to be assembled at Peugeot’s leading European factory in Sochaux in 2011. The 2023 Citroen DS5 is the 3rd model of the premium DS sub-brand. The 2023 Citroen DS5 is just a compact executive hatchback designed and manufactured by French automaker Citroën and launched in Europe in November 2011. Launched whilst the Citroën DS5, the automobile was re-released since the DS 5 in 2015, following Citroën’s decision to rename the DS models and market them underneath the DS brand.

The frosting on this cake is that Scion is the main Toyota family, offering all the quality and reliability you’d expect from a marque having its parentage. Scion has quickly found a house in the hearts of buyers seeking its winning mixture of value and style. The Scion is one of the youngest brands on the market, which seems appropriate given that it’s geared towards an extremely youthful demographic.

DS’parent brand, Citroen, includes a better reputation for safety than reliability. The DS 5 was awarded a maximum five-star crash test rating by Euro NCAP, with the most effective score for adult occupant protection and a very good excellent score in the safety support category. The 2023 Citroen DS 5 is backed by their reputation for low reliability, but the typical safety equipment is good. The 2023 Citroen DS5 standard safety kit on all models includes anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control to greatly help prevent skidding, hill start assist, the full pair of airbags, ISOFIX child seat mounting points, and a seat belt warning chime.

Buyers can choose between turbocharged petrol, two diesel engines, and PSA’s diesel-electric Hybrid4 engine. Based on trim level, 2023 Citroen DS5 this drivetrain emits 99g/km or 107g/km of CO2, and if the battery is sufficiently charged, the car can only go electric. It combines a 163 hp 2.0 HDi diesel engine with a rear axle-mounted 37 hp (28 kW) electric motor, sending power to all four wheels as needed. It’s also worth noting that the DS5 is the initial Citroën with a hybrid drivetrain and the first production car with a diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain.

The Prestige adds xenon lights, an electric driver’s seat, 2023 Citroen DS5 a reversing camera, blind spot monitoring, and some other styling add-ons. DS Performance Line – while the name suggests – offers a sportier look, detailed with gloss-black alloy wheels, a black roof, and some unique paint options. Inside, Performance Line cars have seats that are upholstered in plusher material, while various chrome inserts and fancier trim details adorn the dashboard.

However, buyers have the option of customizing their rides with a number of dealership-provided accessories, such as a subwoofer, body kits and custom exhausts. Scion also offers no-haggle pricing wherein buyers pay the list (window sticker) price, thus streamlining the negotiation process. In the interest of keeping things simple for buyers, Scions typically come in just one trim level.

The boxy yet funky styling of the Scions provided plenty of passenger and cargo room for the cars’ small footprints, making them ideal choices for campus and urban residents alike. Additionally they coddled the youth market with flashy sound systems; Scion’s stereos are one of the better in the economy-car segment. Both xA and xB were immediate hits, snapped up by young (or young at heart) buyers trying to find high-quality, fun and affordable wheels.

By 2012, Scion had introduced the tiny iQ city car and the sporty FR-S sport coupe. The next year, the Scion brood grew to add the tC. This compact but sporty coupe offered more performance relative to its older siblings, thanks largely to a more powerful engine. The xA has since been replaced by the xD, which carries on the quirky and customizable spirit of its predecessor.