Blockchain 101 for NaPodPoMo


Intro & Overview 

Blockchain 101 for NaPodPoMo Podcasters

Presented by @epodcaster - Jennifer Navarrete

What you’ll get from Blockchain 101 for NaPodPoMo:

Access to exclusive content: Blockchain 101 for NaPodPoMo has been designed to inform, instruct, and encourage National Podcast Post Month participants to learn more about Web 3.0

Connection: Join fellow podcasters and listeners who have already jumped onto the Web 3.0 space and are experiencing what it is like to #Podcast2Earn.

Get results: *Value4Value is built into the framework of the Blockchain. It is possible for upvotes, comments, sharing received to earn rewards which in turn can have value. 

* Disclaimer “For informational and educational purposes only. Always consult your financial advisor and do your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. Mentions of post earnings are examples for reference. Past performance is not indicative of future results.” 

How to get the most out of Blockchain 101 for NaPodPomo.

You’re here to understand how to join NaPodPoMo on the Blockchain. Follow these steps:

  1. Read each lesson
  2. Take action following the steps shown

That’s it!

Do those two things and you will be well on your way to not only participating in NaPodPoMo on the Blockchain, but be able to take part in the #Value4Value model that is built into the framework of the Blockchain.

Now let’s get started!

What You'll Learn

  • 01 Tools To Get Started

    • 1 Tools: Suggested Browser
    • 2 Tools: Keychain
  • 02 Taking Action

    • 3 Create Your Account
  • 03 Get Connected

    • 4 Join NaPodPoMo