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Join NaPodPoMo

Now that your account is setup, it’s time to join the NaPodPoMo Community!

NaPodPoMo community page screenshot

Here is the explanation for what you see above:

NaPodPoMo Community screenshot explained with numbers and highlighted boxes for each feature. See text underneath photo for description

  1. Once you “JOIN” the community you will then see a “WRITE A POST” at the top.
  2. Each post not only marks the time it was published, but also starts the countdown clock to the 7th day when the post will “Pay Out Rewards” and once that exact time is passed 7 days the post will not longer earn rewards no matter how many upvotes or comments it receives. This encourages the community to create fresh content.
  3. This shows how many upvotes a post has, the replies/comments, and reblogs of the post
  4. This is how much each post has earned through upvotes. At the end of 7 days this will payout to both the author of the post and the curators of the post. Who are curators? These are the folks who upvoted, replied/commented, reblogged your post. The author receives a little less than half of that number with the rest being split amongst beneficiaries, curators, and the platform. More details on this in future posts. 

Congratulations, you are now part of the next evolution of podcasting and it’s on the Blockchain!

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve created your account, secured your keys, and are ready to begin your content creation adventure on the Blockchain. Now go create your first post! Be sure to put the hashtag #introduction in that first post so the Hive community can welcome you.  

To discover when new courses are released be sure to connect with Jennifer Navarrete on Twitter and Hive: @epodcaster

What’s Next

The next course will dive into Podcasting 2.0 and will be released after NaPodPoMo 2021 winds down. in the meantime, if you would like to learn how your podcast listeners and fellow podcasters can “stream SATS” as part of the Value4Value model, begin listening to Podcast Index which is hosted by Adam Curry and Dave Jones.

The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem.

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