Jennifer Navarrete - Course Instructor
<center>Jennifer Navarrete – Course Instructor</center>

“You have a mission and a message to share with the world. Podcasting is a great way to share that message through the power of the spoken word.”

Jennifer Navarrete – Podcaster and National Podcast Post Month Founder

Jennifer Navarrete has been podcasting since 2005, believes everyone has a story to share, and that podcasting is the perfect platform to share it! 

As an early-adopter and pioneer, Jennifer was part of the birth of podcasting as an industry. In 2007, Jennifer founded National Podcast Post Month(akaNaPodPoMo), a community event that encourages folks to create 30 podcasts in 30 days during the month of November. This event gave new podcasters a chance to “failfast and get good” while motivating veteran podcasters to experiment with new technology and new podcast formats.

This year, NaNoPodMo is celebrating its 14th anniversary of inspiring podcast innovation. With the recent popularity of live audio platforms like Clubhouse and new live audio features like Twitter Spaces, she now hosts live weekly audio sessions on both platforms. 

Whether she’s founding an annual podcasting movement like National Podcast Post Month(NaPodPoMo),leading communities(SanAntonio Podcasters, Social Media Club, Social Media Breakfast), or training agencies and individuals through her company Brewing Media, Jennifer educates and empowers YOU to tell your story through the hottest, fastest-growing communication medium on the planet – podcasting.

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