RSS Feeds into oneOne of the simple things we can do to increase listenership and gain helpful feedback is to share our podcast feed. This gives us an opportunity to listen to what new shows, topics or methods which are being used for the 30 days of marathon podcasting. List your show feed in the comments below.

We will use RSS Mix to aggregate the multiple feeds down to one single feed for easier subscribing.


  1. Rebekah says:

    My podcast is “QuOTeD – The Question of the Day Podcast”. I’m breaking from my regular format (an audio montage of on-the-spot answers to one good question) to participate in NaPodPoMo. I’ll be doing 5-minute episodes inspired by old cassette tapes in my closet.

  2. Casey Keller says:

    This podcast has been rescinded. While I believe there should be a podcast on mental health to address the individual experience, I have decided that my approach would neither be beneficial to myself or the audience intended.

    I respectfully bow out of NaPodPoMo for this year and will return with a renewed vigor next year.

  3. Podcast World Tour says:

    We will create a new RSS feed just for the “World’s Best Podcast” which is the show containing the interviews along the Podcast World Tour.

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