Funny to think that 8 years ago, with only 2 days before November 1st, I launched National Podcast Post Month or NaPodPoMo as it is more commonly known. The fact that 50 people signed up for the last minute 30 day event still boggles my mind. That NaPodPoMo is still going strong warms my heart.

For me, NaPodPoMo has always been about pushing the podcasting envelope. Using new tools or techniques. In 2007, I was 2 years into co-hosting the Morning BrewCast*, I wanted to try solo-casting. So, I shared random musings and discovered I enjoyed creating raw short format audio nuggets.

In 2008, I wanted to find a comfort level with a live show. I put the word out to my fellow podcasters and was joined by Luis Sandoval. Luis was interested in learning about podcasting and was brave enough to take part in NaPodPoMo. There is nothing like 30 days of podcasting to learn the craft quickly. We wound up creating Tech in Twenty*. A show that was so much fun we wound up making it a weekly show for the next 5 years.

In years that followed, I tried my hand at topic and theme based podcasts as well as trying out new apps and tools. The iPhone made it much easier to record on the fly. What a far cry from the early years of podcasting where everything was a tedious process. Yea for better audio tech!

Then there was a few years when I opted out of NaPodPoMo. Sometimes life has more of a one-two-punch than you are ready to handle. In those years, I had to let some things go and NaPodPoMo was one of many.

This year marks my return to National Podcast Post Month. As November 1st draws closer, my excitement increases. Right now I am juggling several ideas. There are new platforms out there in the world of podcasting. I am also considering combining NaPodPoMo with NaVloPoMo (National Vlog Post Month). Live raw video on a daily basis is far beyond my comfort level. What topic can I show you that would be interesting on a daily basis? The idea of daily video also makes me wish that I had a “Morning Mask” like Jane Jetson did on The Jetsons cartoon.

One of the best things about NaPodPoMo is the community. I have missed the closeness an event like this creates with my fellow podcasters. Which is why I hope that you will join me by either becoming an author on this blog or joining the Facebook event. Either way, I wish us all luck in completing the 2015 National Podcast Post Month.

*The Morning BrewCast and Tech in Twenty podcasts have since podfaded