So you’ve made the decision to take on the challenge of National Podcast Post Month. Maybe you’ve been planning for months or maybe you heard about this 5 minutes ago. Either way, you have thrown you hat into the ring and are ready to record 30 podcast episodes during the 30 days of November. Now what?

Hello, my name is Jennifer Navarrete and I am the founder of NaPodPoMo. I welcome you to the 16th annual global podcasting challenge. What I want you to know right up front is that this is going to be a bit of a roller coaster. In the beginning (like now) you are filled with excitement and the adrenaline is powering you into this challenge. It’s fun and even a bit thrilling. (By the way we have a NaPodPoMo support community thanks to our collaboration with Creative Work Hour. Link in the show notes. Oh and by the way this year’s NaPodPoMo is supported by the fab team at Blubrry Podcast Hosting. I’ve known Todd, Mike, Shawn, McKenzie etc for a very long time. So they are also on hand throughout the month to answer questions as well.) But I digress.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

These early days of National Podcast Post Month are amazing. You LOVE NaPodPoMo and you love podcasting. And it’s all absolutely wonderful.

Hold onto that feeling because by the time week two rolls around life and work will begin to get in the way of NaPodPoMo. What? You mean the world didn’t stop so you could revel in the wonder of podcasting? Nope!

Then when week three rolls around the shine will have fallen off just a bit or maybe more than just a bit. You begin to question your sanity. Who is the person that agreed to do this crazy challenge. I mean 30 podcast episodes in 30 days?! That’s nuts! This is when you will want to quit. My advice? Ride it out. Put out a show that says, “I have no idea why I’m doing this and so I’m just recording how hard this is…” Yep. You have full permission (not that you need it) to grouse and grumble your way through week three.

Then week four rolls in and all of the sudden you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and your energy and enthusiasm returns! But something new pops up too. You begin to feel just a tiny bit sad. Sad?! Yes sad. Why? Well because it’s almost over and even though you are still in the trenches of NaPodPoMo you sort of miss it already. 

Stay The Course

Why do I share all of that with you? Because I’m not just the founder of NaPodPoMo, I’m also in the trenches creating my own podcast episodes during the month. And that NaPodPoMo roller coaster ride is one I know all too well. So, strap in folks. You are in for one wild ride. One that will challenge you. Create new grooves in your brain. Light a fire in your creative life, and who knows you just might decide this is something you might want to do again next year…maybe.