Okay, so you’ve made the NaPodPoMo commitment. Now what are you going to talk about for a whole month?

Welcome to the official National Podcast Post Month podcast. My name is Jennifer Navarrete and I am the host of this show and founder of NaPodPoMo. Whether you’re a first-time podcaster or a seasoned pro, this show is meant to offer information, insight, and perhaps a chuckle or two along the way.

I extend my thanks to both Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Creative Work Hour for supporting the 16th annual NaPodPoMo.

So you’ve got an idea for a podcast and are now looking at the 30 days on the calendar. What in the world are you going to talk about and how are you going to fill those days?

May 2024

Let me set your mind at ease with what I have found to be a successful approach to NaPodPoMo.

Let’s start with your topic and break it down into weekly themes. Since November 2023 has 5 weeks, divide your topic into 5 weeks of content.

For example, If I was going to talk about a vegetable garden I would divide out the different aspects of a vegetable garden. Something like this :

  • Week 1: Lay the foundation about vegetable gardens, why would you want to start a vegetable garden, what are the benefits and what are the challenges
  • Week 2: Things to consider before getting started, the tools you will need to get started, bedding, soil, fertilizers
  • Week 3: Planting schedules, what plants grow well together, what plants to NOT plant near another, how to keep pests away
  • Week 4: When to harvest, meals to prepare with that harvest
  • Week 5: Overview/recap of the previous weeks aka TL;DR episodes, steps for listeners to take action on their own garden, perhaps even a community where they can continue the gardening talk outside of the podcast

You get my drift, right? Another way to think about it is like a book. Each book starts with once upon a time and concludes with “the end” or “to be continued”. Start at the beginning and take people on the journey with you. Remember NaPodPoMo is a marathon and not a sprint. Short bite-sized nugget shows go a long way to keep this a manageable challenge. So say what you need to say and then stop. It doesn’t have to be any specific length of time. I know a few podcasters who are micro-podcasting which, as you may recall, is anywhere from 1-3 minutes. They are saying everything they need to say and then they are done.

You can do this!

Behind-The-Scenes of Adopting Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag

NaPodPoMo Podcasting 2.0 Live Item Tag Experiment via BluBrry’s PowerPress plugin:
If you listened to this episode Live via the Live Item Tag on a modern podcast listening app like the ones on www.newpodcastapps.com then I appreciate your support. As I mentioned in the trailer, I am on a grand adventure jumping into Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag. With Blubrry adopting these features into their PowerPress plugin, I can learn how this all works, share what I’ve learned with you so we can all grow together. I will begin sharing my experiences around this new method of podcasting in the second part of each upcoming episode. So if you like to geek out on the behind-the-scenes aspect of podcasting, then you’re gonna want to stay until the end of each episode. If you are more interested in the NaPodPoMo guidance then the first half of the podcast is all you need. Feel free to drop off when it begins to sound like I’m speaking Klingon.

In the meantime, thank you for listening to another episode of the Official NaPodPoMo podcast.