Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve successfully completed the 2023 National Podcast Post Month challenge. 

If you look at the time between the two dates from 2005 to 2023 you’ll see an 18 year gap. 2005 being when I first heard about and began podcasting. 2023 being 18 years since and that podcasting is now my career. 

You never know where podcasting will take you. I encourage you to lean into the part of you podcast that spark wonder and dare you to dream. 

BIG THANK YOU to Alessandra White and Creative Work Hour for the daily NaPodPoMo support sessions. Alessandra has something quite special with Creative Work Hour. I highly recommend connecting with the Creative Work Hour community. Creative Work Hour is an official NaPodPoMo Community (the first one ever) and I am thrilled, honored, and excited to have them on board to expand the vision and possibilities of National Podcast Post Month.

I would also like to give my deep appreciation to Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell, and the wonderful team at Blubrry. Their support of NaPodPoMo and this podcast made so many things possible. My goal is to share what I have learned about the robust features within PowerPress far and wide. You know me I’m all about that Learn Share Grow. 

Learn Share Grow

So, my experiment with Live was a resounding success…eventually. It took me a long time to first get over my own insecurities, then to have the confidence to do the thing and go live. Figuring out the tech, app, and tool side of things was an entirely different animal. Again, I am super grateful to Todd, Mike, and the team at Blubrry for being my guide. I can’t image even beginning to attempt something this complex without a guide. Of course now that I know how everything works, it doesn’t feel complex at all. That whole “knowledge is power” saying is oh so true.