You’ve picked out your recording space all picked out, you’ve figured out the best environment to record for a good audio experience. Now what should you use to record your podcast? Well that depends…

Welcome to the official National Podcast Post Month podcast. I am your host and the founder of NaPodPoMo, Jennifer Navarrete. This podcast is presented in two segments. The first segment is a guide for podcasters participating in National Podcast Post Month throughout the monthlong challenge that is the 16th annual NaPodPoMo. The second segment is the behind-the-scenes of how this particular podcast is coming together using Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag done through Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin.

Yesterday we focused on environment as it relates to delivering a good audio experience. Today we are going to spend a little time identifying the different podcast setups. There are a whole lot of options, but over the course of my 18+ years of podcasting, I’ve grouped them into what I call the Four Levels of Podcasting:

Level I: Mobile + Apps
Level II: USB Microphone + Computer
Level III: Dedicated Podcast Studio
Level IV: Podcast Production Team

Which level do you need for NaPodPoMo? Level I: Mobile + Apps keeps things simple and easy to use. Pick a good environment and you’ll be able to podcast with the best of them.

Behind-the-Scenes: Live Item Tag (LIT)

Now onto the second part of the episode where I share the behind-the-scenes of going live with Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag via Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin.

In the last episode I shared the two Live Item Tag tutorial videos I watched from Blubrry which gave me the tiniest inkling of confidence that I could give it a go. Then once I spoke with Todd Cochrane about my plans and Mike Dell walked me through how to setup the backend of my website via the PowerPress plugin for live AND add in my wallet info for Value4Value AND sent me screenshots of how to setup the live broadcasting system, I was good to go…right? Well not so fast.

We’ll pick this back up in the next episode, because sometimes when it comes to something new and somewhat scary it’s not the tech that’s the roadblock.