You’ve been part of this challenge and have been running on adrenaline, community support, and more than likely some form of caffeine. You see the finished line and are breathing a sigh of relief. But before you take a long recovery nap, let’s think about what happens AFTER NaPodPoMo. 

You could continue podcasting, although probably not daily. You could wrap up your show on day 30 and call it a day. Some folks continue with a more sustainable weekly show. Others pat their podcast on the head and pack it away until next year’s NaPodPoMo. Whatever you decide is up to you.

Going Live

It is now the day and time of your live show. You’re ready to roll. First change the status from pending to live and click Save changes.

Through the service you are now broadcasting live out to the world.

To double check whether you are or are not live, open up the Fountain app on your phone and click on your live episode and hit play. If you can her yourself then you are good to go. Carry on. If you cannot hear yourself, then it’s time to trouble shoot. Which is where I found myself earlier this month. Not to worry you’ll figure it out and if you need support, you can reach out to the fab team at Blubrry.