Now that you are at the tale end of National Podcast Post Month did you accomplish your goals? Did your goals change? Did they expand?

What makes a deep dive into a challenge like NaPodPoMo transformative is how quickly you learn and how the vision you have for yourself and your podcast changes. If that sounds grandiose, it isn’t. I’ve shared in the past that people have written books which came about because of NaPodPoMo. I think it’s the forced creativity where ideas take form.

So, did you accomplish you goals? Did the goal posts for your goals change? What kind of adventure have you been on this month and what does your podcast map look like now? 

If Wishes Were Fishes

I will say the one thing I wish I had more time to do was to build the live audience during NaPodPoMo. That is probably my one regret. I would have liked to have been able to bring NaPodPoMo podcasters onto the show live. Sort of a see one, do one, teach one type of experience. Granted that was my pie in the sky wish when I got started. And one that is still burning brightly inside. Which means I’ll need to figure out how to fan the flames a bit to see what happens.