When it comes the fast tracking our podcast knowledge there is nothing like a challenge to show us the stumbling points, road blocks, and lack of knowledge. Holy smokes this month has been the most challenge NaPodPoMo I’ve had in years. It’s really stretched my tech skills or should I say shown me where my tech skills were lacking. But, I am thrilled at how fast I was able to overcome each stumbling block. How quickly I was forced to not put off something hard. The days were slipping by and the clock was ticking. Sort of like it is right now as I do this 10 episode naPodPoMo podcast marathon. This is episode 26 and I can see the finish line. 

So as you reflect back on you NaPodPoMo experience give yourself a pat on the back for all that you have learned and done. 

Ending Your Live Show

Once you are done with your live show. Go back to Powerpress and change the status to “Ended” and click “SaveChanges” and now you are done. 

Easy, right? 

Well not so much. It’s a whole lot to think about. In the next episode I will talk about the production flow of making this podcast something that is both live AND recorded.