One thing I know about crisis is that it brings about clarity. Now I’m not comparing NaPodPomo to a crisis, but I can say NaPodPoMo always brings about clarity. I think it has to do with the focus, frequency, and time pressure. I know I learn a whole lot about myself each time I do NaPodPoMo. 

So, if your NaPodPoMo experience left you feeling the highest of the high or unsure or pondering a thing or two, you’re not alone. Percolate and sit with some of that in early December. Maybe write some thing things out in a journal. Take what make sense and worked and leave anything that didi’t behind. 

This challenge (as I’ve said many times) is challenging. Not every aspect of it is meant to be golden. Think of NaPodPoMo in the same way a silversmith refines silver. You’ve got to go through the fire to get rid of the impurities. 

NaPodPoMo can be that fire that focuses and gets rid of what isn’t necessary to your podcasting journey. 

Recording Your Live Show

Remember when I talked about Audio Hijack and LadioCast? Well LadioCast is a free app you can download to your computer and it makes it easy to stream from your computer. What I realized after my first attempt was that it did not record what I was broadcasting. Doh!

Which is where Audio Hijack came into play. Audio Hijack allows me to both broadcast and record. So, I’m not telling you to go buy Audio Hijack. However, you will need to find some way to record your show. 

I haven’t tried it, but I wonder if Zoom screenshare with audio capture would do it. That’s worth a test. I also use Ecamm Live and know recording sound on my computer is something I can do easily, but then again that’s a paid app. So, if you know of free recording software. Maybe Audacity? Hmmm… need to test that, too.