I may have been late to the NaPodPoMo party, but you’ve followed my journey with all the stumbles and starts as I dug into what it takes to be a podcaster going live with Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag and you’re ready to listen to these episodes live…now how exactly do you do that?

Welcome to the official National Podcast Post Month podcast for the 16th annual global podcast challenge. I am your host and the founder of NaPodPoMo, Jennifer Navarrete. 

This podcast is presented in two segments. The first segment is a guide for podcasters participating in National Podcast Post Month. The second segment is the behind-the-scenes of how this particular podcast is coming together using Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag done through Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin.  

In the last episode I shared my plan to go live on a schedule. (what a concept) and so if you heard that episode then you know for the rest of NaPodPoMo I will be live everyday beginning at 10:15am ET. 

I’d love for you to join me, but there’s a catch. You have to use a modern podcasting app. The legacy apps will not do. Legacy apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify do not have the robust features of modern podcast apps.

So what are modern podcasting apps and where can you find them? I’m so glad you asked, go to www.newpodcastapps.com which will show you quite a bit of options. I’ve narrowed the live options down to apps which are available on iOS, Android, and the Web.

Once you select your app or website of preference you can search for National Podcast Post Month 2023. I personally use Fountain.fm, you can go direct to fountain.fm or you can use my referral code https://fountain.fm/epodcaster?code=950f62171f

The link to the NaPodPoMo 2023 podcast is also in the show notes

It’s free to create an account and it can be rewarding. Which is something I will share more about in an upcoming episode. 

Overthinking = Mechanical Episodes

Now onto the second part of the episode where I share the behind-the-scenes of going live with Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag via Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin. 

One thing I’m learning is that I have been overthinking these episodes. In the first few episodes I sounded mechanical and not at all like myself. I chalk that up to this all being something new for me and I’m slowly getting more comfortable. I’m not quite to the point where its smooth sailing, but I’m much more at ease than I was today than I was on my first live (and recorded) episode. 

I figure that with my schedule (yes I said it “schedule) of two live episodes per day for the rest of NaPodPoMo, I’ll get over the stiffness soon enough. The beauty of National Podcast Post Month is the opportunity we all have to #failfastgetgood. I’ve done plenty of failing fast. Now I’m ready to get good. 

The 16th Annual National Podcast Post Month is supported by Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Creative Work Hour.

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