After lamenting the mechanical scripted episodes, this episode is a free flow stream of consciousness. That’s right, I’m winging it!

Welcome to the official National Podcast Post Month podcast for the 16th annual global podcast challenge. I am your host and the founder of NaPodPoMo, Jennifer Navarrete. 

This podcast is presented in two segments. The first segment is a guide for podcasters participating in National Podcast Post Month. The second segment is the behind-the-scenes of how this particular podcast is coming together using Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag done through Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin.  

Discussion Points

  • An all-nighter = no script or bullet points
  • Being more comfortable with Live Item Tag (LIT)
  • Fan of the feature-rich PowerPress plugin by Blubrry
  • NaPodPoMo uses both technical and creative sides of our brains. If you’re feeling exhausted that could be the reason and know you’re not alone.
  • No matter where you are within NaPodPoMo whether that’s episode 5 or episode 12 or on target for day and episode. Stay the course.

The 16th Annual National Podcast Post Month is supported by Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Creative Work Hour.

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