This episode combines both segments into one. You’ll hear why as I dig into today’s topic of “Wait for Breakthrough”

I’ve had several breakthrough’s throughout this month. My first breakthrough was finally getting the courage up to go live. Well as I shared in episode 6 it was actually frustration that gave the courage to go live. 

The second breakthrough was when I did the Winging It episode 10 where I had zero scripting and just rattled off what was on my mind. If you recall I had talked about how I did not like how mechanical I sounded with scripting. But I did have a reason for scripting. Navigating the Live Item Tag processes and procedures left me feeling just a bit overwhelmed. Those new grooves in my brain were not quite as developed as they are today. So having something structured like a script was meant give me one less thing to think about. The Winging It episode was definitely a turning point.

My third breakthrough happened today. I wasn’t quite sure if my audio was being transmitted during my live shows. I could see that my podcast was live and I knew I had done all the steps properly, but when I clicked to listen nothing happened. So, I reached out to Mike Dell who jumped on a Zoom to trouble shoot this with me. Boy that Blubrry tech support is something else. Turns out I was definitely streaming…but not to any particular destination and definitely not to my podcast. I was missing some vital info. Needless to say Mike pointed me in the right direction and I am happy to say I did a live test earlier today and was able to hear myself! Woohoo!

I was live and recording so I’ll be sure to share that Eureka moment with you in the published podcast. 

So why do I share this with you? Because, breakthrough will happen, but only if you keep going. Imagine if I had given up at any stage. Even though I didn’t have everything figured out, the beauty of NaPodPoMo is the expectation that we are all figuring things out. We are in a safe community space to experiment, stumble, fall, and get back up. And the NaPodPoMo community is there offer support and cheer you on.