Let’s talk about your podcast call to action

Where are you directing people to during or at the end of your show? 

Are you ending the show and letting folks go? 

Or are you telling them what the next steps are that they can take? 

  • Should they subscribe to your podcast?
  •  Should they follow you on social media? 
  •  Should they subscribe to your newsletter? 
  •  Should they buy your core? 
  •  Should they work you? 
  •  Should they learn more? 
  •  What’s that next action step you want them to take?

  If they’ve listened all the way to the end of your episode, they must have liked what they heard. And if that’s the case, they may want to go deeper.

And a call to action is the invitation to invite them to go deeper.. I mean, it could be anything. You get to decide. 

Try a few on for size and see what works for you. This is a month of experimentation. And before I leave you, be sure to connect with me @epodcaster on X/Twitter. Why there? well because that is the place I am the most present on a daily basis. So you can connect with me directly there and then visit my link to find all the other places I am. I’m inviting you to connect and go deeper if you should so choose. 

PowerPress Plugin – Step One

For these last 10 episode of NaPodPoMo I am going to verbally walk you through the process I use to go live. First off I have a WordPress website and have Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin on my site. That’s your first step. 

Get all your settings taken care of for your podcast within PowerPress. Once you have that done, then you’ll be ready to dig into some of the Podcasting 2.0 features within PowerPress. Which we’ll dig into in episode 23 episode.