So you have a body of work, 30 episodes. The fact is this body of work that you have put together, whatever that happens to be Is your body of work. It shines a spotlight on your mission and your message. 

You have 30 episodes, so what now? Are you going to ride off into the sunset and call it a day? While, yes, you can do that, what I recommend is that you consider repurposing your content. In what way? Well, whatever way makes sense for you. Would you like to turn some Nuggets out of your episode into audiograms? 

Would you like to turn your entire episode into an audiogram for YouTube?

Would you like to create quote graphics? Would you like to do any number of things? It’s entirely up to you. Would you like to have your episodes transcribed and then for it to have you turn that into a blog post?

I would say yes to all of those things, but if it makes sense for you, if this is me telling you this is sounding really overwhelming, pick one thing, just one, and do that and maybe you can add some of these other things later. Now what you’re going to do is that you are going to point back to your podcast proper, even if you’re going to YouTube. And by the way, don’t sleep on YouTube. I can tell you that with the clients who are doing both audio and video versions of their podcasts, the audio versions get more listens, but the data coming out of the video versions of their podcasts is really quite fascinating. The audio and video audiences are two totally different audiences with interests that do not often align. Although occasionally there is an episode that ranks highly for both types of listeners.

Live Item Tag Settings

Now that you’ve got your streaming service setup and their credentials added to your Live Item Tag settings within PowerPress, it’s time to setup your first or at least a test live show. 

This is where having the Fountain app downloaded on your phone will be helpful. If you haven’t done that already, here is my referral link or you can go directly to

Before you go live you should schedule your live show to inform the Podcasting 2.0 apps who support Live Item Tag that you will be going live on a certain day at a certain time. 

  • Click on Enable Live Item Feature
  • Then make sure the status shows “Pending” 
  • Set your start and end day/time. (Be sure time zone is correct)
  • Title your show
  • The Audio/Video Stream Link is what you got from Streamerr.
  • The Fallback link is your podcast website url
  • Episode Link and Cover Art are optional. I recommend at least adding in your cover art. 
  • Description is optional, but is a good idea to let potential listeners know what they are in for. 
  • Click Save Changes.

And now you have notified the apps (and your potential listeners) that your show will be live soon.