What is your podcast elevator pitch?  why do you need this? Well, you’ve been working on this body of work and when you try and tell folks about it, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon. It’s easy to get lost in the details, and if someone isn’t into podcasting in the way that you are, they may just look at you and they’re eyes may start to glaze over or they may want to look past you.

 So here’s a thought. Come up with your podcast elevator pitch.

 a really short summary that allows the person you are telling this to, to understand what it is that you offer that you do. Where potentially, maybe it’s something for them. 

. So here is what I say my podcast, elevator pitch is for this podcast that I have done all month long.

The NaPodPoMo Podcast was created to guide and support the 16th Annual National Podcast Post Month 2023 podcasters as they navigate the tech tools and jargon in the course of developing, recording and promoting their show.

Does that resonate? Does that sound like what I’ve been doing all month long?

I think it does. But you are the folks on the other side are the recipients of this elevator pitch. Does it ring true? Does it miss the mark? Was it clear? Was it muddled? And if so, where was it clear and where was it muddled? And I think this is how you fine tune your elevator pitch, is that you craft it and then you share it with others  So craft something simple, short, sweet, to the point about your podcast and share it. 

In episode 21 I mentioned the first step to doing what I’m doing right now which is live podcasting was to have the PowerPress plugin installed on your WordPress website. 

Now let’s dig into the live features. Where do you find them and once you find them what do you do? I’ll have screenshots in the show notes to give you a visual of what I am describing so be sure to go to NaPodPoMo.org and click on the link at the top which says, “The Official NaPodPoMo Podcast

Once you click on Live Item you’ll see a screen that shows the Live Item Tag (LIT) settings. You will need information from your streaming service of choice. Thanks to Mike Dell from Blubrry, I am using Streamerr.co to facilitate my live podcasting using an Icecast server. If this feels overwhelming you’re not alone. I struggled with this most of the month. It wasn’t Mike walked me through the process that everything clicked into place. It really much easier than I thought. 

The the next step for you is to visit streamerr.co and create a 7-day trial account or paid. It’s really quite affordable. But for this test case a 7-day trial is more than enough for you to see whether live podcasting via Podcasting 2.0 is for you. I can already tell you it is totally for me. 

Once you create your Streamerr.co account you’ll add those streaming credentials to the Live Item Tag section inside PowerPress and now your ready to roll.