Will you continue your podcast after NaPodPoMo? Or is it a one and done? 

Does your podcast merit a sequel or an ongoing series or does you finish it with off with a bow on top?

These are the questions you’ve probably asked yourself now that we are at the end of the challenge. Here are some things to consider. Did you enjoy the topic or show flow? Was it a grind and were you gritting your teeth just to get it done? Podcasting is a whole lot of work. If this is painful without joy or reward then perhaps this isn’t for you and that is totally okay. This possibility is why I always recommend a client start with a standalone series. This gives them permission to walk away without feeling the undue pressure to continue. NaPodPoMo is your standalone series. You can walk away proud of your body of work. No harm no foul.

Of course, I do hope you found some joy in your NaPodPoMo experience and that I’ll see you again for the 17th annual global podcast challenge.

Now What?

Now that I have successfully figured out how to go live, now what? Well a whole new world has opened up for me. I know for a fact that 2024 will include a whole lot of live podcasting. I’m going to take some time in December to push the buttons and pull the levers. I want to put it through its paces. November was about me figuring out how to do it. December and beyond will be about me figuring out the best way for me to do it well.