The best way to figure whether something is working is to do it. Join me for a stream of consciousness test of my live podcast setup using Ladiocast to stream and Audio Hijack to record.

A short discussion about my family and pies gets thrown into the mix when an unexpected call from my mom happens during the live sesision.

Will this new live setup work? There’s only one way to find out.

A tease of an upcoming live podcast marathon session to batch record and get caught up. When? Soon. Very soon.

The official National Podcast Post Month podcast for the 16th annual global podcast challenge is presented in two segments. The first segment is a guide for podcasters participating in National Podcast Post Month. The second segment is the behind-the-scenes of how this particular podcast is coming together using Podcasting 2.0’s Live Item Tag done through Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin. 

The 16th Annual National Podcast Post Month is supported by Blubrry Podcast Hosting and Creative Work Hour.

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